lucky d


Lucky Fortune Cookie | Disneyland, California


I had a MUCH needed Disneyland trip a couple weeks ago. I took a mental health day and went to the happiest place on Earth! Self-care is VERY important. I cannot stress that enough, sis.

Where to go, where to eat? How does one choose from all the treats and meals ya boi Mickey has to offer? Whelp. When you are a little ~tipsy~ it might be a little easy.

BUT REAL QUICK. Rant about stupid employees. Before we went to the Land of D, we went to 85 to get some breakfast. I went ahead and got a peach green tea with lychee so it would mix with my Peach Stella Rosa (after we drove there of course). I drank and mixed my drink once we got to the parking lot then brought the mixed drink inside with me. We got to security and let me just ~draw a picture~ of the bs that happened. I put my purse on the table with my drink behind it. After she checked my backpack, I went to go zip it up and put it on. While I was throwing my bag on, the security lady proceeded to grab my friend’s bag then SLIDE IT OVER PUSHING MY 


DRINK OVER. She didn’t even say sorry. She grabbed my drink and YELLED VERY LOUDLY “iS tHiS aLcOHoL?” Bruh, why are you so loud. She then grabbed my drink and brought it to other cast members and asked them if it was alcohol. She asked three cast members so said no. That b asked until the 4th person finally said yes. She then came back YELLING saying that alcohol wasn’t allowed and she was going to take away my drink because apparently she is the FBI and this is the worst offense. Thank Disney for this brave cast member who is truly doing the Lord’s work. I’ll admit, I got caught. BUT SHE COULD’VE SAID SORRY or not been so DAMN loud.

Anyway, back to the food lmao. At one point we ended up in California Adventure and went to the pier to eat and grab some margaritas. I opted into the Lucky Fortune Cookie’s bowl. I should’ve gone with my initial instict instead of relying on the cast member’s recommendation. I got the Asian Bowl with chicken and teriyaki, but I should’ve stayed with Orange sauce. Smh. Nevertheless, it was good and filled me up.

I have noticed, other than the drink confiscating cast member, that the guest service level at Disney has gone down. Maybe, I am just older and I’m just noticing it a lot more. There were several cases throughout the day I would talk to a cast member and just didn’t get that infinity and beyond guest services.

I did get the three-day pass and I am going back soon to report more on my Disneyland experience.

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