you’ve got me wonton more


Ding’s Garden | Rowland Heights 

I like my wontons how I like my men, spicy. Except for one problem, I have a pretty low spicy tolerance. I love spicy food, but my body does not. I’ll still sit there in pain and take it with my nose running, eyes watering, and sweating. I would go through that pain for these wontons again. They were really mfing good.

I went to Ding’s Garden and ordered some spicy wontons, soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, and pickled homestyle fried rice.

If you like your fried rice a little crispy then I would recommend coming here! It was sooOOoo good and they had huge pieces of egg and meat. I like mixing a little chili oil in my fried rice to add a little spice. Their scallion pancake was a little thicker than I am used to but nevertheless still good. Aaaah. The soup dumplings. So juicy. So yummy.

Although Ding’s Garden is rated a B, my mouth rates them an A. They are conveniently located in the middle of a dessert hub! You can find snow ice, boba, and other delicious sweets.

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