About Me


Hello, it is I, Coco Chia. I started “She Swallows” earlier this year to record and share my thoughts on food. As a recent college graduate, I know what it means to be ballin’ on a budget. I would love to tell people where they should spend their extra cash on the weekend. Where they should avoid wasting their time at, unless they enjoy bad service and food.

Everything you swallow and put in your mouth should be at least descent.

Respect your mouth. Let me help you decided what you swallow. I also have an Instagram account, @sheswallowsblog, that you should follow!

I know the name raises some eyebrows. I am quite aware of the implication it gives. There are probably a million other names I could’ve chosen, especially with a name like mine. But, I thought it was funny. It originated from the fact that I think food is a work of art. Art is suppose to make you feel a certain way. Food makes me feel type a way. It stimulates sight, taste, touch, everything.

Thanks again for all the support so far.


Your favorite swallower,

Coco Chia