going bananas


Swensen’s | San Francisco, CA

There is no surprise that I love ice cream. My anatomy is filled with dim sum, ice cream, brunch, and other.

During my trip to San Francisco, I went to Swenson’s. The founder, Earle Swensen, really wanted to give his guests three main things: quality, quantity, and value for their money. His ice creams have only the finest ingredients and excellent ice cream making techniques perfected over the years.

Let me just tell you how great this ice cream place is. It may be crowded, small, cash only, but don’t forget homemade.

As I was gandering at the menu, a certain flavor caught my eye. Aaah, banana ice cream. One of my favorite flavors but also one of the hardest to find. Artificial banana taste like, excuse my language, but it tastes like ass. That FRE$H banana flavor is straight fire.

Now fast forward, the moment of truth; the taste test. Boooooi, let me just tell you. This banana ice cream was fresh and probably one of the best I’ve had.

Did Earle Swenson complete his goal?

The banana ice cream was clearly made with fresh ingredients and the texture of the ice cream was terrific. The size of the scoops were pretty generous. Although they were poppin’, they were not overpriced. So yes, in every aspect, Mr.Swensen achieved his goals with FLYING colors.

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