can you keep a secret?

JPEG image-5199377D317D-5.jpeg

Pollen| Echo Park, CA

Bacon was thicc. Beyonce thicc.

This restaurant is SO cute but it’s so hidden. This is Echo Park’s best-kept secret. It looks like a house and its in the middle of a residential area. The only thing that makes it pop out is a neon pink Pollen sign. It’s going to be all outdoor seating, but don’t worry! It’s in beautiful southern California so cold weather shouldn’t be an issue. If it is an issue though, they have outdoor heating.

Since it was one of the gloomier days in LA, so hot chocolate was totally called for. Every sip gave me those warm fuzzies inside.

JPEG image-5199377D317D-6.jpeg

Their menu was so hard to choose from. Being the loyal person I am, I got eggs benedict. I’m trying to change my ways, I really am. BUT BACON WAS THICC. I had just gone to the dentist the day before and I was swollen. It was a little hard to eat but I prevailed through. Very yummy and yes you guessed it, flying colors passing the poached egg test.

Other than my eggs benedict, we got grilled cheese and mushroom toast! See pictured above.

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