potatoes off the purp


Sunny Spot| Venice, CA

I thought I was stronger. I thought my body was ready. I really thought I reached my full brunching potential. I thought WRONG.

Blacked out at brunch and broke a cup, things never do change.

Totally recommend going to this restaurant. It’s really cute and they offer bottomless mimosas, (very strong) fruit punch, and my favorite bloody mary’s. I like my brunches how I like my men, I like a variety of them. Lmao no but yes for the drink choices. It’s nice having a couple to chose from and mix up.

Don’t order the cornbread. Love cornbread, but not all cornbread was created equal. Especially that one. Hard, grainy, and just blah.

If eggs benedict didn’t come in so many different varieties, I probably wouldn’t order them as much. At Sunny Spot, I ordered the Eggs Benedict that was served with eggs poached, country biscuit, hollandaise, spinach, bacon, arugula. Got lucky, once again… These eggs benny passed the poach test. Beautiful yellow yolk covered the rest of the Benedict. Potatoes off that purp. The purple potatoes tasted like regular potatoes, but these were a little ~undercooked~.

I am currently taking a break from the eggs benny life. I will not, myself order eggs benedict, UNLESS I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. Mark my words.

I drank enough to break a cup and then pass out for the rest of the day. Great place and very cute. Would love to come back for brunch again and not order the cornbread.

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