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Lincoln | Pasadena, CA

Take a shot every time I review a brunch meal. Maybe my name should be She Brunches because apparently, that’s all I do. Welp. Without further ado, another brunch post.

In my defense, this place was actually something special. Lincoln was a totally different experience. They are half store and half cafe and full of yumminess. They have a set menu every day but daily specials. I got their crab hashbrown eggs benedict. Once again, another restaurant passes the eggs benny test!!!! 2018 is really ending with a bang.

They have an everyday menu with great choices to chose from, but my eyes darted to the Daily Specials. I should’ve taken a photo (my b), but their Daily Specials were different yet intriguing. With your traditional dishes, with a twist. For example, they had a Pesto Grilled Cheese sandwich.

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Hashbrowns served as the base of the Benedict itself. On top was a generous amount of crab meat, a beautifully poached egg, cheese, and Hollandaise sauce. A Benedict I have never seen before, but nevertheless, a delicious benny.

The salt from the hashbrowns and crab meat wasn’t overpowering. The ratio was superb. Plated beautifully. You will for sure catch me here again at some point.

Some honorable mentions: passion fruit lemonade and the lemon cake. They’re actually known for their baked goods. When you step inside, your eyes and nose are just taken over with their goodies. Do yourself a favor and grab a little something with your meal. Whether its the perfectly baked lemon cake or a cookie. Just indulge yourself in their specialty.

BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT THEIR PASSIONFRUIT LEMONADE. Fre$$$$$$hest of fre$h, baby. Whether or not they use the lemons they grow outside, it was fresh. The passion fruit contradicted the sour and it was an overall sweet drink. 10/10 would recommend.

Like I said, Lincoln was half cafe half store. Decorated so aesthetically pleasing, their store is adorned with holiday decorations and Christmas treats. During my next visit, I want to take a closer look at their merch and vendors.

Bone apple tea.

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