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The Pizza Press | Brea, CA

Out of all the make your own pizza places, Pizza Press literally shits on all of them. Excuse my language but that was the only way to accurately describe how superior Pizza Press is compared to others. Yes, I am talking about your Pieology, Blaze, and your Pizza Revs. None of them even come close to Pizza Press.

Processed with VSCO with c9 presetLet me just tell you why.

You want fluffy crust? How thicc you want it, shawty? Thin crust? They will make your pizza a SKINTY legend. Unlike the other pizza joints, they keep it saucy without keeping it soggy. Next time you decide to waste money at one of the other places, give your pizza the firm test.

Soggy pizza is no bueno. Fold it and see how long it lasts. The ideal pizza will keep its form without folding over. Your sauce shouldn’t be oozing out or dripping. Just like a house, a pizza needs a good foundation.

Respect yourself and watch what you put in your mouth. You’re better than flaccid pizza.

Okay, maybe I came on too strong but I feel very strongly about Pizza Press. I have been playing myself with these other MYO pizza places. It’s like when you kiss a bunch of frogs and finally found your prince. Pizza Press is my prince.

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetPizza Press does have a pretty large selection for everyone; including the gluten-free crust. With tons of meats and veggies to chose from, you’re bound to find something. My own personal pizza consists of bacon, pepperoni, garlic, bacon, and onions.

If you like beer, this is also the place for you. I thought it was a place for me since I’ve been drinking some brewskis lately. Sadly, my palette is not refined and I didn’t find any that I liked. BUT they did have a large selection so for all my beer drinkers, bottoms up.

My friend had the barbeque chicken pizza but when half hot buffalo and half regular chicken. He said he liked the different variation and the switch up. Believe it or not, the hot buffalo was the favored side.

I would love to hear what you put on your pizza! Do you like pineapple on your pizza? Like it with a dab of ranch?


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