found the bottom at blue daisy

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Blue Daisy | Santa Monica, CA

Aah, brunch. Oh, how I have missed you. Back when I had friends, I use to go all the time. Brunch is a social outing where you dress up and casually blackout with your pals over some french toast.

But as I made the move to Los Angeles, with very limited contacts. When I say limited, I mean a majority of my friends are still in Vegas. Anyway, after months of not having your casual girls day out, I finally infiltrated a group. My work gal pals and I decided to go out one Saturday morning and brunch. Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

After extensive research and I mean going through Yelp reviews, Instagrams, and websites, we finally settled on the Blue Daisy. When I said research, we made sure they had bottomless mimosas.

First impressions, the restaurant was very cute. Quaint, but very cute and welcoming. Unfortunately, this place had not gotten the memo or is really trying to drive up bar revenue but they only offer bottomless Monday through Friday. I have never been more hurt. It’s just the law of nature┬áto offer BOTTEMLESS on weekends. I understand the restaurant biz as I sit on a pile of student loans from my hospitality degree… BUT THAT’S JUST SO UNHEARD OF???

After I finally gained full consciousness after the blasphemy I just encountered, I ordered a Bloody Mary. If I am going to pay PER drink, I am going to as close as I can to blacking out. All hurt feelings aside, the brunch was enjoyable.

I got the salmon eggs benedict. Very very very tasty. I wish I knew more scholarly words to describe my dish but it STRAIGHT SLAPPED. It did, in fact, pass every criterion of my egg benedict test. Runny egg, no soggy bread, and perfect harmony of sauce to everything ratio.

As for the drinks, also very good. I had one Bloody Mary and a regular mimosa. Their Bloody Mary came with the works.

Excellent meal but it probably would’ve tasted better if I was borderline blacked out.

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