bloody mary x 3


Brickhouse Cafe | San Fransisco, CA


Another city, another brunch place. No surprise there. Over Labor Day weekend I visited the beautiful city of San Francisco. I haven’t been to this city since I was a little kid and it is 100x more fun.

Its been two weeks since I’ve been there and I already want to go back. Life is rough. If you know anyone hiring up there and a place that won’t cost me my soul for a months rent, let your girl know.

So, fun fact before getting into this. I love baseball. America’s favorite pastime is my favorite sport to watch. Something in between the food, atmosphere, and the baseball butts, I fell in love. After graduating university, I decided I needed a new goal to strive for. Yeah owning a house and starting a family might be cool, but visiting every baseball stadium seems a little cooler. So that’s what I am doing!

Although I do love my boys in blue, I got to give it up to the Giants. The stadium was one million times easier to get to and navigate. Dodger Stadium’s parking lots look over the city, which is beautiful if you can look past the smog. But AT&T Park looks over the bay. There are literally people in kayaks ready to paddle out and retrieve and homers.  Loved the whole atmosphere of the stadium.

Anyway, that’s another post.

We went to Brickhouse Cafe since it was walking distance to the stadium and since our brunch reservation kind of fell through. It was… good for last minute choices. I asked our waitress what she recommended and ordered the bacon pancakes, which I thought was bacon within a pancake. To my dismay, it was bacon deep fried in pancake batter. T’was interesting, but not for me. I ended up sending it back and just getting regular french toast. My friend ordered their cowboy special and it was well seasoned and well cooked. French toast was tasty, nothing special.

IMG_8320.JPGThe real winner was the Bloody Mary.  Before we even ordered it, our waitress gave us a sample of the mix. Straight fire. Add some vodka into the mix and we had ourself a little party. The Bloody Mary had bacon and other little things in it to add flavor. Drinks were really good here and would come back for sure and give the food a second chance.

I’m currently going through a michelada phase. A Bloody Mary is like a michelada’s wild sister. I think I found my new brunch drink, but we’ll see. I have very high hopes this spicy tomato juice phase I am going through.

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