happy as a clam


Boudin Bakery Cafe | San Fransisco, CA

Serve everything and anything in a bread bowl. Soup, pasta, salad, cereal, I don’t care. Just put it all in a bread bowl.

Carbs will literally be the death of me. During my trip to San Fransisco, I visited the infamous Fisherman’s Wharf. Since the weather outside was chilly, it called for clam chowder.

There’s a couple places to go throughout the wharf for some chowder, but we went to THE place. The Boudin Bakery Cafe at Fisherman’s Wharf is their flagship store. They have a museum inside, a bar, and of course a place to grub. Dating from all the way back in from the Gold Rush days, Boudin has been baking San Fransisco’s favorite bread. This wasn’t just some tourist place to visit. They delivered. Known for their bread, we ordered the infamous Clam Chowder Bread Bowl.

Let me tell you, shawty was thiccc.

Dear LORDT. Their bread bowls isn’t just talk. Taste was impeccable. Chowder was thick, there were plenty of clams and potatoes with each bite, and the bread. Don’t get me started on the bread. Ugh. The soft floofy bread on the inside and that light crunch on the outside. The chowder soaked into the bread perfectly.

I want to move to San Fransisco so bad. I think about it at least 10x a day.

Don’t worry, Boudin, I’ll be back for you.




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