guys, i did it

I finally learned how to “””casually””” drink.

Ya girl can go out and drink and not die. Is this adulting? Have I reached the final level? Is this when I file for social security?


E.P. & L.P. | West Hollywood, CA

As you may know, I got a new job so I am out living the Los Angeles dream. Sitting in traffic and being poor. Aah, gotta love LA. Although I grew up in California, I still don’t know shoot about where to go. In efforts to expand my horizon, I have compiled a list from coworkers, locals, and a lady on an airplane I met of the coolest spots to try out in Southern California.

Somehow I ended at this cool asf rooftop bar in West Hollywood. I went to go look at the menu they have online and can’t find the drink names so I don’t think they offer it anymore? I could be wrong since I am often wrong. The white one is a horchata drink that was really good. The other drink was booty.

But more importantly, the chicken tenders. Wasn’t just because I was sippin’ on the drank, they were really good. Crispy, hoy, tender, saucy.

The overall vibe there was really cool. It was a gloomy day but its such a nice location and well decorated. I can see myself going back there to explore the menu and ~~casually drink~~~.

IMG_7722 2.JPG



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