something fishy is going on here


Somi Somi | Los Angeles, CA

It tastes as good as it looks. Fish shaped cones > any other type of cones.

Somi Somi brought the New York craze to Los Angeles. Although this has been a trend for awhile now, I didn’t have a food blog when I first tried it. Located in deep Los Angeles, getting to the original location wasn’t the easiest.Totally worth it. On the second floor of a really cute plaza.


Although they don’t have a large selection of flavors, you don’t need it. Having a little something for every level of sweetness. If you are lactose like me, just be aware that the matcha is very creamy. Very good, but very creamy. I got it mixed with their cream flavor. It balanced well from texture and flavor.Inside the cone, you have options if you want a filling. I thought custard would taste good for the first time. The other optionsĀ are red bean and Nutella.

Aaah. The cone. The cone was fresh made. They make them right in front of you so you can see how they get the unique shape. Crispy on the outside so its able to hold its shape without getting soggy. Soft and floofy on the inside. It absorbs the flavors filling and the ice cream.

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If making the long trip to Los Angeles, fighting for parking, sitting in traffic, they have a smaller version located in the Santa Anita mall. I went to go visit my two younger cousins, Meimei and Abby. Luckily for me, they have a sweet tooth as well. They live in the area and know all the cool places to get dessert. Its been a hot minute since I went to the first one, but as soon as I saw the name, I recognized them.

Incidentally, I did order basically the same time. Almost did, but s

Since they are a little stand at the mall, they can’t carry as much flavors. They said they swap out the swirl flavors every week or so. So good. So creamy since it was all matcha.

Even though it isn’t an actual store and its located in the middle of the mall, it still creates an almost perfect replica. Quality is consistent.

Whichever one you decide to go to, you won’t be disappointed. Along with Somi Somi, there is tons of things to do in the surrounding area.

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