whole lotta brunch shiii-


Hearthstone | Summerlin, NV

Take a shot every time I review a brunch spot. I swear I eat other types of foods.

I went to Hearthstone, located in the Red Rock Resort hotel. In my effort to become a Summerlin mom, I wined and dined where the locals go.

Pricey, yes. Worth it? Totally.

It passed the poached egg test with flying colors. They give you a generous amount of ham. Absolutely nailing the ratio. As for the English muffin, perfectly toasted and not at all soggy. The potatoes were seasoned nicely as well.

The eggs Benedict was very filling but if you have a giant ass appetite, go for the Loco Moco. Booooooi, it was hella filling. Equally as tasty. They give you a fat ass thing of rice and a patty on top. Typical loco moco but everything was prepared sooo well. The rice wasn’t just rice, it had a little something else as well. Everything sat on this large bed of rice. There was a enough gravy, so even if you just got rice in a bite, it was still good.

The food made up for the service. Although it was a Sunday, it wasn’t really busy when we got there since it was later in the afternoon. They give you a little pitcher so you can serve yourself. If they hadn’t given us the alcohol already, we probably wouldn’t have gotten drunk.

The mimosas were very strong and very hard to chug, even for me. Hearthstone has tons of seating and a lovely aesthetic. If you are ever planning a party or large dinner, make their hotline bling. They also have tons of TVs inside!

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