i like it raw


The Poke Shack | Venice, CA

Everything is better raw. At least for fish.

I recently got a new job in Venice Beach. I went with a friend to walk around my new office to see what eateries await me.

We decided to check out The Poke Shack. Literally a breezy 8ish minute walk from the office. From first impressions, it was really cute inside. Its pretty small inside. Theres a little bar at the window but which you can sit and use from inside or outside. Besides the bar and the small three tables outside, there is very limited seating, fyi.

There is the option for ordering from an iPad or actual human contact. We opted for the human interaction. They have so many choices! Unlike other places, they don’t have secret price add ons as well.

Poke bowls come in two sizes, lil daddy and big daddy.

For my bowl I got crunchy garlic salmon and the island tuna. Accompanying my fish, I also indulged in “crab” meat, seaweed salad, mango, avocado, and cucumbers.


For sauces, I got eel, spicy sriracha, and ponzu sauce. I loved how they mixed everything in a separate bowl with before they laid it on my base (white rice). Some places just pile everything on top.

It was delicious. I really enjoyed. fish tasty, well seasoned. Mango was sweet. The vegetables/fruit tasted fresh; not like they have been laying out all day. I will for sure be coming back here!

I’m also (kind of sort of) almost settled in! Thanks for the support!

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