that’s amore

L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele | Naples, Italy

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.

L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele is apparently known throughout the world for having the “best pizza in the world”. The world is pretty big, but if there was a best pizza, it’s safe to say that you’d find it in Italy. We hopped on a train from Rome and headed to the city of Naples. The pizzeria was in this little area with a couple other pizzerias surrounding it. No one else had such a long line than this place. People who didn’t want to wait the wait, took photos showing that they were there. Others took pictures with their to-go pizzas. And others were waiting the longest wait in Italy. Us, on the other hand, took ours to go. Their outside door was adorned with awards for having the pizza in all different languages. Expectations were high. For only 5 Euros you can experience a whole box of “the worlds best pizza”.

But is it really the best pizza in the world? The answer is yes, in my world, yes. The picture truly does not do it any justice. Somehow it flopped over a little bit. But, you can tell how mf fresh it was. Everything from the dough, to the sauce, to the cheese. We got the margheti pizza. Fresh mozzarella cheese you can actually taste. Fresh dough without having cotton mouth because there was no flour on the bottom. You know when you eat crust and your mouth feels dry because of the flour? Well no worries here about getting cotton mouth from eating pizza.

But, I recommend eating there or eating it as soon as you get it. We got it again for our train ride going to Florence and it was not so hot, so it tasted not so hot. From the pizza place to the train station, my arm became very oily from carrying the pizza. They douse the pizza in olive oil. It then naturally leaked from the box onto my arm. Both times we got the pizza, they were both cut very questionable. The pizza cutter leaves a faint line so you know where to rip, but it doesn’t rip. Despite the small things, it was a really well cooked pizza.

The second time we got it, I stayed inside and watched them make it. It was truly a work of heart. Between four men, they make these famous pizzas. Each worker had a very specific role in the process. If you are going, try to sit inside and watch the process. Those little Italian men know how to work a pizza.

I still can’t get over the price. The same price of a Little Ceasar’s pizza but a completely different experience. Five euros is a small price to pay for a little slice of heaven.

Please be advised that Naples isn’t the safest place. If you find yourself roaming the streets, be cautious. Naples isn’t the place to stunt on them hoes. Put away the goods before you catch the wrong kind of attention.

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