we’re going to need a bigger belt

The Independence | Santa Monica, CA

Aaah good ole Santa Monica. I found myself stuck here trying to avoid the infamous LA traffic. Luckily for me, I was accompanied by someone who knows quality food. By his recommendation, we tried The Independence.

Off the bat, I was pretty excited to try them out. Although we didn’t make it time, they do offer bottomless brunch errday. That’s right, everyday. E v e r y d a y. Maybe I’m just living in the wrong area but brunch everyday seems too good to be true. For sure going to keep them in mind when I’m trying to brunch in Santa Monica during the week.

We missed brunch, but we did make it in time for happy hour. Their happy hour menu consists of $6 appetizers and discounted alcoholic drinks. We ordered 3 appetizers, meatball, truffle and bacon Mac and cheese, and buffalo wings. We also got their Steak Frites (10 oz ribeye, herb butter, and french fries). I got the Cece (vodka, mint, fresh lime juice, soda) to wash it all down. My friend got some whiskey drink. Bruh. I don’t know people drink whiskey. Just a sip and my mouth and I knew it was game over. Vodka and tequila for life.

For the appetizers I did enjoy them for the most part. Unfortunately the mac & cheese for sure felt short for me. I thought the cheese was a bit wet and runny for my liking. They could’ve added more bacon and they could’ve cooked the bacon that was inside of it a little longer. The dish just tasted like it could’ve been cooked a little longer. It did lack basic seasoning as well. The buffalo wings were delicious. Cooked well, very juicy, with a little spice. It came with blue cheese, but that’s just gross so I got ranch. The meatball was just one meatball, but it was a pretty decent size. It was served on top a cluster of cheese. Personally, I enjoyed it I wish I had more seasoning though. The cheese complimented the meatball well.

I was pretty upset about the mac & cheese since I was looking forward to that one the most, but the steak saved the day. The steak was so good. Cooked to perfection. Truly a work of art. Melt in your mouth not in your hand type of love. I’m not too sure how they made the steak exactly where ingredients to use but whatever they did they should never stop.

For dessert we ordered a banana hazelnut bread pudding with caramel ice cream on top. I love all things banana. When I first saw the menu and I saw banana I knew you were there or not I was I was full towards the end, I was going to order that dessert.

Caramel ice cream, banana bread pudding, and hazelnut. The recipe for a dank ass dessert. 100% recommend the Independence. I was so completely filled to the brim after this meal.

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