walk it like I guac it

The Misfit | Santa Monica, CA

No time to siesta it’s time to fiesta! Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo. The day Americans celebrate Mexican Independence, even though it’s technically in September. Fun fact: Cinco de Mayo is actually the day the Mexican army was able to take on the French Army. Mexico had war debts and the French wanted to get paid so they came to conquer, but failed. Silly French people. Anyways, that’s what Cinco de Mayo is really for. But, don’t let me get in between you and your tequila.

I spent my day in Santa Monica, where I found myself at Misfit for lunch. We ordered a fat ass bowl of pimms. Basically, a fruit punch bowl of alcohol and fruit. It’s quite delicious and quite dangerous because life comes at you quick a couple drinks in. Accompanied by the bowl or pimms, I got cauliflower fried rice. So yummy. Everything about it I loved. You didn’t need to add any seasoning to it. They had sriracha on the plate to add that extra spice. I’m really picky when it comes to fried rice, but I absolutely loved it. We also ordered a side of chips, guac and salsa. I love a good guac. Especially by the beach. It should almost be a crime to have bad guacamole. There is no excuse why it’s bland. Luckily, Misfits delivered excellent guac.

Although they were busy, our server made time to check up on our table. The table next to us chatted about Juuling and were amazed at the damage we did on the bowl. Overall ambiance was pleasant. I do want to point out that their music was on point. Once I heard Summer Friends from Chance the Rapper, I realized I was drunk but also the restaurant was pretty dope.

Also during our visit there was a dog in the patio area. Super cute pupper, even when he moved and knocked off the table and everything on it. Still a good boy. I also would like to point out that they left their iPad at our table. We wanted to see what they look up and the first page on their Safari was “Bodak Yellow lyrics”. Classic.

I wish I had something bad to say about Misfits, but I honestly don’t. Everything from the food, drinks, to the service was outstanding.

I’m actually boarding a plane as I write this so sorry if there are grammar/spelling mistakes. I’ll fix them when I land in Italy! Can’t wait to eat everything. Ciao!

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