thiccc ass hot chocolate

Falombini | Rome, Italy

Ciao papis! Your girl has landed in Rome, Italy. We landed yesterday late afternoon. Then we walked around last night since we just endured a 12 hour flight.

Although I don’t drink coffee, normal people do. After that flight, everyone needed a pick me up if were going to last. We stumbled along to Falombini, where we met the nicest staff. They taught us Italian and make us Italian flag shots. Before that enough, everyone, except me, ordered a cappuccino of some kind. I got pistachio hot chocolate. Shawty was thicccccc. This is the thickest hot chocolate in the entire world. It was good, don’t get me wrong but super thick. A chocolate drank with a hint of nut. To accompany my thiccc ass drink, I got a Nutella croissant. Exact opposite. Very light, except for the Nutella part. The thickest hot chocolate I’ve had and the lightest croissant I’ve had.

After our little pick me up, it was time to turn up. They made us little flag shots. Not too sure what was in it, but it burned. All I know there was strawberry jam on the bottom and it tasted like licorice.

My first day in Italy has been super nice. Very excited for the rest of the trip!

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