some bunny makes my heart melt


Covina Tasty | Covina, CA

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

I don’t know what I did in my past lifetimes to deserve this. Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant. Granted, I don’t act like I am. I still dabble with dairy, but at a cost.

Covina Tasty has been a landmark in my hometown. Right before I actually got there, I was pulled over. Since my day wasn’t going too hot, I decided to soothe the pain with some ice-cream. I had already gotten a ticket, I didn’t want to deal with the pains of being lactose intolerant too.

At Covina Tasty, everything on their menu is vegetarian or vegan! Its owned by this cute this Asian family. Of course they have a lot of vegetarian ice-cream flavors. But also a pretty decent amount of vegan ice cream flavors you can choose from. I decided to go with green tea and chocolate.

Vegan Heaven is their vegan ice-cream supplier so they didn’t actually scoop it themselves. I threw it in my front seat and headed home to the love of my life, Carrot. Since it doesn’t have any dairy, it remained cold and perfect. I was eating and playing with my bunny, and it stayed the same temperature.

Overall flavor was good. It didn’t taste artificial at all. The matcha from the green tea ice cream tasted good and wasn’t over powering. Chocolate was chocolate. Im just amazed that it stayed the same cold temperature the whole time. It didn’t melt at all. I wish there were more vegan ice cream options in Vegas. My stomach would highly appreciate it.

Since summer is coming up and ice cream is my favorite dessert, be on the lookout for hella ice cream posts.

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