hella chella cuisine


This was my third year going and every single year I have so much fun. Everything about Coachella makes me happy. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I SAW BEYONCE AND SZA. Life is complete. Anyway~~~ just like any other year, I camped. Camping is honestly not as bad as everyone hypes it up to be. If you do it right, camping can be enjoyable. Its also super convenient being able to walk back to your home for the weekend. During festivals I don’t eat that much. Its as if I have to force myself over the weekend. I had at least one hearty meal everyday and just survived off of grapes, popsicles, and goldfish in-between.

During my first year, my big bro, Adam, got the worst acai bowl known to man. Ever since then, I’ve also Googled and researched places before going. Every year I’ve gone, I have had the pad thai and lobster mac and cheese. They’ve never let me down, not even this year.

These are the pictures I got from Coachella of what I ate. Obviously had to get the pad thai and my friend, Devin, got the paella. Both very delicious and it wasn’t because we were drinking.

I know they had way more food to offer and I’m sad I didn’t get to venture further than the usual. For sure want to expand my horizons next year and do a better job.

Since I’ve failed you with food posts, check out my fits l o l. I suck.


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