what what in the bun



Bachi Burger | Las Vegas, NV

Burgers are so classic. Something America actually got right for once. Just kidding. Go ‘Murica. I enjoy ~fusion~ places. Combining two cultures together to make unique cuisine. Each complimenting one another’s array of flavors.

I went to Bachi Burger, which is an Asian-American fusion burger place. It’s more on the higher scale side with a menu to match. If burgers aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Attached to Bachi Burger is a ramen restaurant. A little something for everyone! Unless you hate Asian food, burgers and ramen; then don’t come lol.

We ordered the pork buns, parmesan truffle fries and the Miyagi-san’s Grass-Fed Wagyu Burger (chili mayo, fried egg, furikake, caramelized bacon, and crispy onion rings). It was enough food for two people (I hate wasting food so I always like to inform people how much it’ll fill you up).

The meal was able to fill up two people. They give you so many fries in that little cone thing. The burger itself was a large serving. I think they definitely nailed the flavors of this burger. It was juicy without oozing out juice. The veggies were fresh and crisp. Totally worth the price. My favorite part of the meal was the pork buns. The bao bun gives me such nostalgia of being back home. I remember growing up eating them so it made it taste that much better. The pork was cooked to perfection. Nice. Tender. Yum. I’m having flashbacks. Sweet delicious flashbacks. I think I think about food 89% of my day.

Being a little more upscale than your typical burger joint, it is a little more pricier. This is considering I think a normal burger, fries, and drink should be around $10 all together. Bachi Burger won’t break the bank and you won’t be sorry for going. Their use of ingredients in their Asian-fusion burgers will tackle every tastebud. Service was also excellent. My water never went empty and staff checked up just the right amount of time. I never had to do that “look for my waiter but hopefully a staff member sees me and helps” (you know the look) and never felt suffocated.

Forsure will be visiting Bachi Burger again. I’m interested in trying the rest of their menu and getting some more pork buns.

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