just eat. it


eat. | Las Vegas, NV

Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it.

I love Downtown Las Vegas. Walking around the streets reminds me of one of my favorite music festivals, Life is Beautiful. Also~~ their 2018 lineup just dropped and ya girl is about to be in her feels at  Sabrina Claudio, Daniel Cesar, and The Weeknd.

My brother, Brandon, came to Vegas over the weekend and was able to make time to eat brunch with his little sister. I’ve been to eat. before and I always want to try new things; but I never do. I love their pancakes. Golden, fluffy, without being soggy. Aaaah, what makes a great pancake great. I wish I could make a poll on here; but do you dip your pancakes in the syrup or do you pour syrup all over? Personally, I am a dipper. The apple sausage too ohmygawwd. My only complaint is that they only give you one. For $11 you get a short stack  perfectly made pancakes and the sausage. Since they are generous pancake sizes, you will get full.

I love it when my family comes visits me in Las Vegas. Its always nice to see familiar faces; and a free meal doesn’t hurt. My brother won over $600 while he was out here! I think its funny because we play the same games. We even have the same numbers in roulette. But, I never won $600 or even come close.

Sorry for also the lack of posts! I’ve been busy and very poor. I’ll try to do better.

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