CRSSD at brunch

Voltaire Beach House | San Diego, CA

I’ve been lagging so much on these posts. I promise I’ve been busy. ANYWAY. Surprise surprise, another brunch place. Last weekend I went to CRSSD which is a music festival in San Diego. This was my second year going and I had so much fun. Its a small festival but it is really well put on.

Just like any recent graduate, I am poor. Just like any music festival, drinks inside are overpriced. The pregame before walking into a festival is very essential to the over experience. Ja feel? Brunch is a great way to get fuel and fun in your stomach. Plus, who doesn’t love brunch? It being a Sunday, in San Diego, during a busy weekend, with no reservation, we were headed for a lengthy wait time. So we thought… We went to Voltaire Beach House and found seating almost immediately. Beware when you go, you are going to see like 100 cute ass dogs.

I ordered the Pacific Bowl; which is a fried egg, spam, seaweed, and coconut-ginger rice. So simple, yet so good. The meal was really filling and I couldn’t finish it all. As for the mimosas, they had two different types: orange and guava. Although our table ordered guava, we barely tasted any guava. The juice was literally added just for flavor. We didn’t mind the strong drinks since we wanted to get drunk. Servers walked around with pitchers and refilled cups when they walked around. Unfortunately, thats where the restaurant fell short to me. Our server was super sweet, but our cups weren’t refilled that fast. Other than the really slow refills, we had a great time. It was a beautiful day and we had nothing to complain about.

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