waffle me up

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Oh, SkinnyFATS. We meet again. When they use to give out $50 gift cards on PocketPoints, ya girl cashed out. Poor college student, free gift cards, and 50% off deals. No wonder I got thick. I was out there living my best SkinnyFATS life. I think they caught wind of everyone finessing and they stopped doing gift cards. It still shows up on PocketPoints, but you can never redeem it because its always “sold out”.

Anyways. I went to Warm Springs which is much larger than their Dean Martin location. They even has a nice outside area! Since the weather has been so nice in Vegas, my friend and I decided to take advantage and sit outside. They are seat yourself so maybe have someone in your party save a table if they are busy.

Since I haven’t been there in awhile, I got my go-to meal, the Chicken Waffadopolis. If you haven’t noticed, I love chicken and waffles. SKINNYFATS waffles are so. damn. good. The right amount of air to fluff to buttermilk ratio. They give you a lot of chicken. And good thing because its really good. Its white meat but its not dry meat.

SKINNYFATS has a happy and a healthy side. You can guess which side the Chicken Waffadopolis was on. With all day breakfast, healthy choices, shakes AND juices; they have a little something for everyone! If you go on their Instagram, they beautifully highlight their dishes. You can even catch a secret menu item on there. Definitely recommend trying them out.

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