lazy buns



Lazy Dog | Town Square, Las Vegas

The weather in Las Vegas is typically feels like scorching fire or cold dry windy. There is a small window where we get Vegas nice days. Still dry, but still nice. Lately, its been around mid 70s so perfect time to take advantage of being able to be outside. I took my bunny, Carrot, on a stroll with her stroller. I’ve been to the Lazy Dog in California since one is attached to our mall. They’ve always had good food, reasonable prices, and they are pet friendly. Since we had Carrot we decided eat there.

My roommate Devin and I decided to spilt the beer sampler. Six little beers for eight dollars. Not a bad deal at all; except I don’t drink beer. Still tried them incase I did find a beer that I liked. The Blondie was for sure my favorite one. If I were a beer drinker, I’m sure I would’ve liked them all. They had lunch specials so I decided to try their grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I think I would’ve liked my meal more if they didn’t use cheesy bread or there was a meat inside. The grilled cheese was just too cheesy. Trust me, I didn’t think there was such a thing either. Less cheese or a flavor to offset the cheese would have made the meal better. Overall, it was pretty good. Lazy Dog is a great place to grab a bite and see some furry faces.

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