i like you elote

Dirt Dog | Las Vegas, Nevada

Dirt Dog has come to Las Vegas! Fun background story.. Have you ever left a concert and on your way back to your car you get bombarded 100 of hotdog street vendors? Yeah. The beautiful angels who serve those bacon wrapped hotdogs that give you a second life have made a restaurant. Its highly popular in Los Angeles and they opened a store in Las Vegas. Dirt Dog has taken the bacon wrapped hotdog and elevated it more. Their menu isn’t just limited to dirty dogs but also dirty corn, dirty desserts, and all things dirty.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of hotdogs. Don’t get me wrong, I like meat in my mouth; but I’m picky about hotdogs. I opted out of the dog and decided to order the Al Pastor fries and Hot Cheetos elote.

Elote was good. I do prefer the classic kind but it was very delicious. The fries were for sure my favorite part. They weren’t soggy but not too crispy. Their Al Pastor fries were actually really good.

Atmosphere is hip and cool. The walls are adorned with Los Angeles’ heroes like Kobe Bryant. I am really interested in coming back and trying the rest of their menu! Also for you beer drinkers, they got you.

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