so matcha to celebrate

Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge | Las Vegas, Nevada

it’s yo girl, back at it again. for real this time… 🙂 we both knew it would have to take something special to bring my spunk back. well, the day has come. no surprise here, it was matcha.

Las Vegas will always have a special place in my heart. I lived here, worked here, and met some of my best friends here. Like the tourist that come, I experienced the highest of highest and lowest of lows here. Just driving around is fun? I can’t quite put my finger on it but Las Vegas will always be home.

What’s a home without a favorite cafe? I don’t care how far this is, this is a must-try. I’m working remotely and just wanted somewhere to do a couple of calls and finish up my work for 2021. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve actually worked from a cafe. Like actually worked. I went in college with friends to “study” and you already know how well that works. You see it all the time in movies. People escape to local eateries to work. Tortured artists write screenplays, novelists be noveling, but not me. I’m a little tech asshole whose to-do list wasn’t long since it’s the end of the year. Even though my list was shortish, I’m so mentally burnt out. Minor tasks seem so daunting. After working most of the morning from a bed, the only things left were

  • 12 pm – virtual holiday party
  • 1 pm – sync with the recruitment team
  • 2:30 pm – go over creative request
  • schedule rest of the year’s content calendar
  • send some emails
  • admin stuff
  • blah blah blah

Perhaps it was the energy? vibe? atmosphere? Whatever it was, I felt motivated. A feeling I hadn’t had in the past two weeks. I’ve been in a slump. I’d like to blame day light savings but I’m so burnt out. Tired of zoom calls, tired of making plans, so very tired. First world problems, ya know?

I ordered a large iced matcha latte with oat milk and a strawberry matcha mochi donut. Bitch, I forgot how great the rest of the world has been living. My very large drink and bomb ass mochi donut came out to $11.something with tip. San Francisco, 👏 get 👏 with 👏 the 👏 program 👏.

She may have been cheap but she was also delicious. Let’s start with the matcha. The first visual indications of a good matcha is color obviously. But pay close attention to the bottom of the cup. Is there extra powder? How dark is it compared to the rest? I personally like my matcha super vibrant green with a dark thin layer of powder on the bottom. I’m no scientist but I prefer extra powder on the bottom because that’s just extra that the oat milk didn’t absorb. Therefore, the matcha is at capacity. Right!?!? If I’m wrong, don’t tell me. The only other excuse for a grainy bottom is they didn’t mix it right but you’d be able to tell that with the color. Strong, sweet, creamy, and full of matcha, just the way I like it. Matcha latte, matcha donut. Makes sense. I’ve never met a mochi donut I didn’t like and this one was no exception. Gas gas gas gas gas gas gas.

Great vibes, tasty treats, strong wifi, and plenty of privacy and plugs. Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge has been approved by she swallows. I will be back! 

Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to us for making it through 2021.

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