i want to broc n’ roll all night

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Terriyaki Beef and Broccoli | HelloFresh

 and party every day.

I cooked my first Hello Fresh meal and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tasty. Admittedly, the process didn’t go as smooth as I would have hoped.

Our first meal is the Terriyaki Beef and Broccoli, here is everything it came with. Portion wise, yes it could feed two people. When it came to a proper ratio… eeeeh.. I felt like they could’ve done better with that.

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The first step was to wash everything and cut accordingly. I did not do that as my first step. I saw the rice and immediately did that. I have a rice cooker so I used that instead of their pot method. I did notice on their rice step (step two) they didn’t mention to wash your rice… Always wash your rice, no matter where you get it from. After I was done with that, I washed and cut all the produce items.

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Moving on to step three, which instructs you to cook the broccoli. Simple enough. This is where everything started to go wrong. Please keep in mind, I live in a small San Francisco apartment. I do not have a lot of counter space. I also like to clean when I cook. These ultimately lead to my downfall.

Somewhere between me cleaning as I went and not looking to the next step, I started to rush opening the beef. Now, I know there are better ways to have done it. I am weak and used the knife I had handy. This caused a splatter. Beef blood everywhere. I am not exaggerating when I say that mf splattered everywhere. A vegan nightmare. I’m trying to dry my beef, watch my broccoli, and clean. I didn’t want to cheat and use another pan since the instructions called to use one pan.

Somehow everything was settled and we were back on track. Next step, mixing the beef and broccoli together. EASY PEASY. 

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Now, this is where the ratio thing kind of started to show. The beef does what beef does, and it shrank while cooking. I know the broccoli is on top and covering some of the meat but, there is a lot of broccoli sis. The meal was advertised as Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli, not Broccoli ft. Teriyaki Beef. As I stood there, stirring my pan, covered in blood, I felt a little defeated. Hopeful, but mainly defeated.

I followed the rest of the steps and plated a portion big enough for me. To my surprise, YA GIRL IS A CHEF. It was really good. Of course, there are things I would change but overall IT TASTED DELICIOUS.

This was the expectation vs reality. My peppers were green and cooked in so not very visible. The sauce provided was not thick whatsoever.

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Cooking this meal was somewhat therapeutic. I’m happy this was my first meal because I have an idea of what to expect for the next couple of weeks. It was easy (except for 5 mins of hell), fast, and delicious.

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