the last straw

Salt & Straw | Venice, CA

Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese, Honey Lavender, Avocado & Oaxacan Chocolate Fudge. If you’re totally against new and funky flavors, then Salt & Straw is not the place for you.

With craft artisan flavors, they bring a new twist to ice cream. Each flavor is designed by a professional chef with a passion for flavor. Of course, since the flavors are “out of the norm” we had a couple samples before confirming our final choice. For sure wanted to sample all the unique flavors, but with the line out the door, I didn’t want to keep their customers waiting. My final decision was the Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I’m one of those weird people who never really saw the big hype behind eating raw cookie dough. I’ll dabble here and there on a rare occasion on cookie dough ice cream, but you’ll never catch me eating just raw cookie dough.

I enjoyed their cookie dough because although it was raw, there was a little crunch to it. The chocolate swirls tasted super tasty combined with the chocolate chip and ice cream.

Catch me trying all their unique flavors on the menu. Although they are funky, there is an ice cream for everyone.

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