so, an elephants walks into a bar

Elephant Bar | Henderson, NV

I went to visit The District to grab a bite to eat at the Elephant Bar and take advantage of my Bath and Body Works coupons. Elephant Bar is kind of a large casual dining restaurant chain. I’ve only been once before yeaaaars ago so my friend and I decided to try it today!

If you aren’t familiar with Elephant Bar, they are “a scratch-kitchen specializing in globally-inspired dishes and traditional, American fare” (Opentable)

When I go out to eat, I like to share food. My friend and I decided to spilt the Soy-Ginger Calamari, French Onion Rib-Eye Sliders, and their Pub Burger. The calamari isn’t like any I had before, but still really good! It was a nice calamari change~~~~. As for the burgers and sliders, so filling T___T. For sure did not need the appetizer. The Pub Burger was good, but could’ve done without all that mayo. The French Onion Rib-Eye Sliders were by far the best thing we ordered. It came along with Au Jus for some dippin’,

We sat at the bar area so we can watch March Madness. Service was good and they weren’t crowded at all.

My friend ordered a Tito’s Mule. Very strong. Very delicious. They had a lot of specialty cocktails which I am excited to try one day; at a discounted price during their happy hour of course.

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