sooo… there’s a guy ^_^


Boba Guys | San Francisco, CA

I recently moved to San Francisco and I fell in love. Not only do I absolutely adore the city and my new job, but there’s also a guy.

He’s sweet, but not cheesy. He makes me feel so special inside. PLUS, he BE HITTIN’ ALL THE RIGHT SPOTS IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN 😉

Boba Guys, I love you. I really do. I hope the feelings are mutual. It doesn’t even matter because my feelings are strong enough for both of us.

From my most recent visit to my man’s place, I got to taste his Thai Tea and Strawberry Matcha Latte. Maybe I am in the honeymoon phase, maybe I’m blinded by love… Either way, it doesn’t matter. Everything was SO DELICIOUS.

You can adjust the sweetness level to make the drink more customizable for your own preference. I found the natural sweetness from the strawberries to be more than enough for my sweet tooth. Same goes for the Thai Tea, it’s natural sweetness was just right. I hate when you drink boba and the sweetness is way too much where it makes your teeth feel grimey? Like there is a layer of sugar on it. That’s also coming from my crackhead sweet tooth opinion.

Boba Guy seems to be the perfect man for me. May our relationship only go up from here.

I love you, BG ♡

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