thank you very mochi



Their flavors included lychee, blueberry, guava, chocolate-vanilla, green tea, passion fruit, vanilla, pistachio, blood orange, and I feel like I’m missing one. Either way, they had a great selection! Don’t bother running around the whole store like I did; its located in the front. Next to it was a self serve macaroon thing.

For the mochi itself- it was delicious. As someone who thinks about mochi ice cream at least once a day, I can contest. I tried the guava, chocolate-vanilla, and lychee. My friend had tried the blueberry, guava, and green tea. I would let it warm up a little before indulging in them. Allowing the mochi to soften up a little makes it more enjoyable. But yes, so good. Wish the actual mochi surrounding was thicker. Overall, love this idea. I will be coming back for my quick mochi fixes.

They retail to $2 a piece or you can get a dozen for $20. You can see which location near you has them right here!

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